Good meat fishing

We are more than half through our stay in Va. Beach and the Midnight Sun crew are taking a small break in the action over the 4th of July. Our tuna fishing never got very good this year, but it seeks in the fishing world if one thing doesn’t pan out there’s always something that will come along and make up for it. With that being said we’ve had some good dolphin fishing, the marlin are starting to show up, and the bottom fishing for the meat fish; tiles, sea bass, and black bellied rose fish, has been unreal, good action and great eating. We will fish out of Va. Beach until the 20th of July, then moving the boat back to Smith Point Marina for cobia, red drum, blues and mackerel. We have some availability the week of the 16th in the ocean, and plenty of availability in Va. Beach. Thank you very much to everyone who has come down and fished with us this summer and look forward to seeing everyone back up in the bay!

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