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During the winter months for the past twelve years the Midnight Sun and crew have been fishing out of Rudee Inlet in Va. Beach, Virginia. Over the years we've had some world class fishing on Striped Bass with catches of fish up to sixty-five pounds not uncommon. Big bird shows, seeing whales and lots of action can be expected, not to mention great off season rates for some of the finest hotels in Virginia. The restaurants and entertainment at the Beach are second to none, even during winter months, and we will even point you in the direction of places that will cook your catch, fresh, right off the boat.

March - Mid April
Striper season is closed in the bay during these months; however, this is when some of the biggest fish of the season come into the Bay to spawn and we offer catch and release trips using light tackle. We've caught more fifty pound plus fish this time of the year than any other time, the fishing is unreal. We also take some time off to do some commercial fishing as well as get the boat painted, waxed and all shined up for the upcoming season.
April - Mid May
Around the middle of April our trophy striper season fires off in Maryland waters. We are fishing out of Smith Point Marina in Reedville, Va. During this time of the year which is located at the mouth of the Potomac River as well as on the Maryland-Virginia line allowing us to take full advantage of the Maryland and Potomac River seasons. We generally troll this time of year using planer boards and super light trolling rods. The fish must be over twenty-eight inches to keep, and most of the fish we land are in the thirty-two to forty plus inch range. Virginia's season opens around the first of May giving us even more options and places to fish. The weather is generally pretty nice this time of the year, and look on our site for B and B's and other places to stay, as well as some really good restaurants in the area that will make you want to come back just for the food and hospitality.
Mid May-June 15th
We will still be fishing out of Reedville up until the middle of June. This time of the year we put the trolling gear away and break out the spinning rods, targeting school sized stripers from twenty inches up to thirty-six inches, bluefish, as well as croakers. Evening fishing starts to get fired up as well for the big croaker, and this is a great time of the year for mixed bag fishing.
June 15th-July 15th
For the past nine seasons we've been taking the boat to Rudee Inlet to target tuna, marlin, dolphin, amberjack, cobia, and spadefish this time of the year. Our offshore trips our ones to remember because when we put the big rods in the water you never know what may bend them over. Bluefin tuna upward to two-hundred pound are not uncommon as well as yellowfin tuna, dolphin, an occasional wahoo as well as marlin are swimming around in the blue water out there. If you really want to test your angling skills, live bait fishing for amberjack is for you. These fish usually run from twenty-five to sixty-five pound, and fight like bull dogs. If inshore light tackle fishing is more your thing than our spadefish, shark, and cobia trips will do the trick. We can get you fisherman rates on hotels, and by all means bring the family, if they're not into fishing they can hang out on the beach while you fill the cooler.
July 15th-September
Around the middle of July we move the boat back from the Beach to Smith Point, and the summer months provide some hot fishing. During the day we will target mackerel, blues, striper, croaker spot and red drum. The red drum fishing has been getting better every year with catches reaching the sixty pound mark. With current rules and regulation on the drum, we find very few we can keep, but I don't know of any fish in the bay that fights any harder, it's a sportsman's dream. Our evening and night trips provide unmatched action on bluefish up to seven pounds, and big croaker. By mid to late September live baiting for striper in Maryland waters is really going off, with lots of large bluefish thrown into the mix.
October, Better known as Roctober
If you want to catch LOTS of rockfish; striped bass, on light tackle chumming and using live bait than Roctober is your month. This is a super time of the year to bring your corporate group down, and put a rod in a customer, vendor, or employees hand and watch it bend over instantly. This is one of my favorite times of the year, and the weather is great. Expect lots of bluefish action early to mid-month, and by the middle to end of the month twenty-eight to thirty-six inch fish are not uncommon, all on light tackle.
When I think of November I think of one thing, BIG fish. We start targeting the trophy striper again in November, and if we lack our limit on the big ones, we try to finish the day up with school size fish on light tackle, and a lot of times we get a surprise of a forty-inch fish on light tackle. We target the trophy fish by trolling light trolling rods, and I don't know of anything that goes better with a Thanksgiving turkey than a fresh rockfish.
We concentrate and target strictly large trophy rockfish this time of the year. As the weather and water turns cooler we follow the fish south, and most times end up back at the Beach, Rudee Inlet, by mid month. Don't let the cooler months defer your fishing plans, set up in a heated cabin and let me brew a pot of coffee for you while waiting for one of the big rods to bend over. Believe it or not November and December are my two most popular month's and when you see the size of the fish you will understand why.

What Client's Say

"We have a wonderful time every outing with the Midnightsun. Capt Ryan is very professional and makes you feel like one of the crew. Really knows how to find the fish and get the catch on! Got my wife the biggest fish of her life! Way to go Cap!"

Joe Williams,Evington, Va 2013

"It was a great time. I think the count was 59 fish..? Not bad for a few hours... "

Sherry Childers,Capitol One Oct, 2013

"Capt. Ryan is fantastic, we always have a blast and catch tons of fish. He and his First Mate are extremely knowledgeable about what they do. The CNR Tournament is also a great event to fish in and attend."

Katherine Kennedy, Richmond, Va.


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